Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Vichy state of Palestine

(Picture of the Israeli Wall)

During the Nazi occupation of France between 1940-1944 a Nazi-puppet regime was set up in Paris after it surrendered to Germany. This regime, headed by former WWI hero, Marshal Petain, accepted Nazi occupation of France and collaborated with it against the best interests of the French and France itself. The French society was marred by civil strife and fractious politics out of which the Vichy State was born.

The tremors of civil war simmering in the West Bank and Gaza today looks more like France under the Nazi occupation during WW II. Political chaos, economic collapse and brutal occupation are conditions and an environment ripe for a Vichy-like regime to exist within the Palestinian areas.

A Palestinian Vichy state would only be possible after the democratically elected Hamas government is toppled and militarily defeated.

Recently, Israel, Jordan and Egypt have authorized shipments of weapons as well as millions of dollars to Abbas presidential coffers to combat Hamas military strength.Implicit in this infusion of money and arms shipments, however, is the thinking that a looming showdown with Hamas in inevitable, if not a necessary condition, to implement the Israeli vision of " Peace" that post-Hamas government ought to accept and sell to its people.

Conversely, however, many Palestinians are questioning the wisdom behind weapons supplies from Israel and its Arab allies while they, the Palestinians, are facing major food, health, and social crises due to tightening sanctions imposed on them after their democratic election.

Ever since it assumed power, Hamas was unable to deal with the mounting problems it inherited from the outgoing Ahmad Kurie government, whose tenure was tainted by corruption scandals. Though Hamas is still trying to find its ways in the business of governing, something Hamas has to mature up to at this critical time.

But problems like providing the basic needs and necessities for its citizens, providing security and order have proven to be tough challenges in the face of brutal economic and political sanctions.

Under those conditions, governing has become an elusive goal for Hamas, particularly when Fatah armed gangs roam the streets shooting at people, kidnapping government officials, bombing public buildings, wreaking havoc, and instill fear in the hearts of ordinary Palestinians, therefore turning Gaza and parts of the west Bank into lawless wilderness.

Israel is happy with Hamas victory that gave her an excuse that it will not negotiate with a terrorist government, despite that it did not negotiate or even talk with the man, it lobbied to be first prime minister and then president of the Palestinian authority.

While the Palestinians are busy killing each other off, Israel in the meantime, continues ahead with building its massive wall that looks a lot like the Great Wall of China, which will end up being the borders between Israel and the future Palestinians state, a state that looks more like a block of Swiss-cheese than a real contiguous state.

Israel will also go ahead with its plans to annex the entire Jordan valley and major parts of the West Bank which will leave the Palestinians with approximately half the size of the west bank. Basically crumbs to call a state. A Vichy state.


Hanadi said...

I can truly say the comparison between the occupation of the Nazi's in France is a great comparison to the Palestinian occupation crisis.Your comparison I believe will make it easier for those who are not aware of the situation happening in Palestine and with the comaprison give light to the situation going on abroad. As a Palestinian myself, I can say you are doing a great job by informing your readers with the recent issues happening in Palestine and addressing them. Can't wait for your next peice...Hanadi

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