Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hikind anti-Arab, anti-Muslim laws

Dov Hikind anti-Arab, anti-Muslim racial laws

Dov Hikind a democratic Assemblyman in the NY state legislature has proposed a bill last week that would allow law enforcement agencies in NY State to target Muslim men by considering their race and ethnicity as a “terrorist profile”.

Newsday, a New York paper, reported that the law if passes it would "consider race and ethnicity as one of many factors that could be used in identifying persons who can be initially stopped, questioned, frisked and/or searched."

Dov Hikind proposed law is designed specifically to target Muslims and Arabs, simply because they fit a racist stereotype that an Arab or a Muslim, in his mind, is more likely to commit an act of terrorism.

“Suicide bombers and terrorists fit a very specific intelligence profile, and race and ethnicity is very much a part of that profile." Said Mr. Hikind

Quite obvious that Hikind whose official website declares him as “a champion of human Right and Jewish causes” feels that Arab and Muslim men deserve no Human Right considerations from him, or perhaps his views of Muslims and Arabs are clouded with prejudice and racism he declares he is against.

Mr. Hikind website also informs us that he was “ Inspired to action by the anguish his parents endured at the hands of the Nazis, Mr. Hikind has devoted his life and political career to redressing injustices in the form of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism”

It’s also evident that Mr. Hikind has also devoted his career to the Hatred of Arabs and Muslims, and his proposed law, in my opinion, has nothing to do with terrorism or patriotism.

In Nazi Germany, like all Jews, Mr. Hikind parents were victims of racial profiling, racism, and were subject to racial laws that made them targets of the notorious Gestapo police.

I am afraid that Hikind racial laws would be the first step to a pogrom against Arabs and Muslims, similar to those of Nazi Germany in which Jewish persecution was legislated with Nuremberg laws in 1935, and culminated with Kristallnacht on the night November 9th, in 1938.

Remember that the Holocaust in which millions of Jews were murdered had its start not just in WW2, but rather it started when the Nazis in Germany published their anti-Jewish 25 point pogrom in 1920, and in 1937 they enacted the “ Law for the Restoration of professional civil service” according to which German Jews and other politically questionable individuals were excluded from the state civil service.

Murderous events like the Kristallnacht, and the Holocaust had their start in little noticed racial and ethnic laws. They were enacted when no one paid attention or cared, but eventually led to unspeakable crimes.

America today is not Nazi Germany of yesterday, but lets not make it feel like one for Arab and Muslim Americans.

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