Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arab Journalism

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tribute to Nidal Zayed, Arab American Newspaper Publisher

Nidal Zayed, In memoriam

Nidal Zayed a beloved friend and colleague passed away in Houston this past Saturday on May 28.

The sudden passing of Nidal Zayed, editor and publisher of Arab newspaper Sharq/Gharb, was an unexpected loss and a shock to all of us who knew him.

He was an honorable young man, writer and a journalist, whose work penned in defense of the wretched and the defenseless.

He was the consummate community activist who believed in the rightness of the Palestinian cause, a cause he devoted for a considerable time and effort despite his ailing and tired body.

Nidal was the quintessential Palestinian, he passed away alone in a strange bed, in a strange hospital and in a strange land.

His story is the story of every Palestinian,exiled from home, away from his town and village; exiled in death as he was in life. Nidal was no different, his tragic death embodied the tragic fate of an entire people.

For his unwavering stance, he was felled by bludgeoning attacks; he neither winced nor cried aloud, his head was bloodied but never bowed.

It matters not the passing of years, the falling of tree leaves, we shall always remember his suffering tears, and until the day breaks, may his soul rest in eternal peace.