Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Europe's handout

The European countries have decided to give the Palestinians about 100 million dollars, on condition that a mechanism to be set up by July to give this aid directly to Palestinian government employees.

The Europeans are trying to bypass the democratically elected government of Hamas, so as to punish Hamas for not recognizing Israel or Oslo agreements between Israel and the Palestinian authority.

Or so they say.

To me, the Europeans actions were stupefying, on one hand they called for free, real and democratic election in the Palestinian areas, and on the other, they condemned, boycotted, and punished the Palestinians for electing the wrong party. Why bothering having an election if the designated winner should have been Abbas-Dahlan Kleptocracy all over again.

Perhaps Europe’s “ democracy talk” was just a vaporous talk, or maybe they’ve learned the art of hollow sloganeering from their Arab buddies.

Though the Palestinians did not elect Hamas for a 100-year term in office, but rather a mere 4-year term after which the choice will be for the Palestinian electorate to either retain them or fire them.

How about giving democracy a chance to grow and flourish where everybody thought it was impossible to take root.

The Palestinians have experienced a truly democratic expression, which is in unique measure conveys not only their desire of freedom of choice, but also their determination to rid themselves of a rotten growth that was going back in life rather than advancing it.

Moreover, it is very important to establish this mechanics of power as the only way for anyone to ascend to power or descend from it. . Democracy should be the safety valve against the abuses of leaders-for-eternity types.

I think it is rather conspicuous and at the same time hilarious that those who are calling on Hamas to recognize Israel are trying to be, in essence, Israelis more than the Israelis themselves. I have yet to hear any Israeli official calling on Hamas to recognize them so they can begin their “ Peace talks”

The Arab governments position is a mind boggling one. It is a position that is worthy of the theater of the absurd. For decades they shed crocodile tears for Palestine; but in a miraculous transformation they metamorphed into Israel’s cheerleaders and staunchest allies.

Lets say that Hamas has recognized Israel tomorrow. Then what?

Well… then there is nothing. Israel will not flinch

Essentially Hamas would be recognizing Israel's right to keep its military boots pressed hard and heavy on Palestinian necks.

But the real issue is not about recognizing Israel. If my own senses are not failing me, I am pretty sure that Israel does in fact exist, and I am sure that Hamas too, is aware of the fact that outside the Great Wall Israel has built there is a state called Israel and that it is a real country with an annual budget of over 50 Billion dollar, and an annual GDP of 154 Billion dollar (2005 est. according to CIA world fact book)

Compare that to a the Palestinians budget of around One Billion when Fatah was in power (Spent mostly on the well being of Armani -wearing, Mercedes-riding revolutionaries)

Hamas-government budget now is maybe…my own guess.... mmm is about 20,000 dollar

In the news today, Israeli planes bombed a metal shop in Gaza!

So I take it that Israeli air force has decided to destroy the Palestinian Strategic Aerospace Rocket-Defense Force(SARD) in Gaza, which is basically the Palestinian equivalent of NORAD, (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

Good job!

Perhaps in the next raid, Israeli Air defenses and Air force will bomb out all of Gaza’s donkey carts, tin shacks, wooden huts, fruit stands and all of the mechanic shops too.

Only then will peace arrive!

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