Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Murder in Haditha,

What's going on in Iraq?

By: Ali Alarabi


News reports uncovered a bloody murder and a cover-up in Haditha and Is-haqi , two Iraqi villages where US marines and Navy personnel have reportedly murdered 24 innocent Iraqi civilians in cold blood, engaged in cover up, and in one case, murdered an Iraqi civilian in his house, dragged him outside, and placed a shovel and an AK-47 on him so as to make him look like an insurgent, according to latest press reports on the investigation.

The soldiers actions constitute war crimes under the Geneva conventions accords, which the US is a signatory. Under the US military code of Justice, the soldiers actions, if proven, could be punishable by death.

More grim news came when the chopped off heads of Iraqi men were found stuffed in fruit boxes. It was a grisly reminder of how deteriorated the situation in Iraq has become.

A few days ago, over 50 school kids were taken off their school bus and executed in cold blood. In Basra the second largest Iraqi city, murder and slaughter of Sunnis at the hands of Iranian-trained the Bader terrorist brigades and the Mahdi Army thugs have intensified. All of Sunni Mosques in Basra have shut down; Sunni Iraqis are fleeing the city in a frightening reminder of the brutality of the new Iraq.

In Baghdad, AlQaida terrorists blow themselves up in crowded markets killing scores of innocent Shias.

For Iraqis, this madness has become a gruesome reality without an end in sight. Each day if Zarqawi's terrorist suicide squads are not killing them, or Bader terrorist Brigades not doing the same thing Zarqawi is doing they will find their relatives chopped up into pieces, stashed in an alley by Sunni/shia terrorism.

Iraqi Christians are not doing well either, their churches have been targeted and bombed out repeatedly. Iraqi Christian community have lived in that area for over two millennia are about to be all but wiped out, exiled, or reduced to a small community too frightened to venture outside their own houses.

Despite the US administration officials’ constant reminder of “ progress” In Iraq, or “ democracy” in Iraq, the sad reality is that Iraq is neither progressing nor democratic.

The truth is that Iraq is no longer a functioning country.

Billions of hard US dollars were spent on training the Iraqi army and police force, only to realize later that the US had in effect trained, armed, and financed Shia and Kurdish death squads that extract vengeance on their fellow Iraqi citizens.

Not to mention that Iraq, thanks to this war, has become proving grounds of AlQaida terrorists which now is sprouting in Somalia.

The larger question , in my opinion, is where is this so-called Iraqi government!

It is no where to be found since it is a government that was largely composed of and formed to satisfy the different Iraqi militia groups, the offices of the corrupt Ayatollahs, the secessionist Kurds, the vengeful Shias and the willing Sunnis.

Not one group, it seems, sees itself as patriot Iraqi group. The national Iraqi identity has shrunk and subdivided into that of the Kurdish, Shia, and Sunni, and as a result each group is trying to control the major government ministries such as Oil, Defense, and Interior, because those ministries represent the power and wealth every group is trying to control and loot.

Billions of dollars has been reported looted by current and previous government officials, figures such as the former minister, Mr. Shaalan, who held that position under Alawai's interim government. He now resides in Jordan and denies the allegation.

The systematic and organized looting of Iraq's oil by Iraqis themselves shows that Iraq's natural resources are seen as a bonanza by the warring Shia and Kurdish warlords in Basra and Baghdad, Irbil and Mousl.

Comparing what's going on in Iraq today to pre-war conditions, Saddam Hussein would certainly look like a Mother Theresa, whose crimes and atrocities pale in comparison to what the Jafari's death squads, Abdel-Aziz Hakim (head of the ruling shia coalition) Wolf squads, interior ministry's Kurdish units, and the Mahdi's Army murderous thugs are doing to all Iraqis today.

In the final analysis, the US government has unwittingly installed a rein of mayhem and terror in Baghdad.

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