Thursday, August 23, 2007

Youssif, the face of Iraq

Youssif is a small five years old Iraqi boy who was grabbed by terrorists, earlier this year, while playing outside his house, who then doused him with gas and set his little body on fire. “ I felt I was burning” said Youssif as he was talking to Arwa Damon CNN reporter in Iraq.

Youssif’s mother,Zainab, heard the cries and ran outside to see her son on fire. "His face was melting and his nose was pushed inside and then fainted” said the horrified mother.

The once playful outgoing boy has become withdrawn and traumatized because of his injuries

Youssif’s burnt face and the faces of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children exposed the collapse of an entire country from a stable secured country into a heap of rubble of what once was a proud nation called Iraq.

Good hearted decent Americans, individuals, organizations and hospitals came out in droves to help Youssif recover his once smiley face. CNN was overwhelmed by the out pouring support and offers to help, reported.

The Children’s Burn foundation in Californian has offered to treat Youssif, and pay for all expenses including all of the travel and accommodations for his family to come to the US for treatment.

Dr. Peter Grossman will donate his services for free to help Youssif
Thousands of other Iraqi children have suffered the gruesome punishment similar to Youssif. Many lost limps, eyes and most of the time their young lives. Those are the silent innocent victims of this dirty war.

While Iraqi grown ups; from criminal leaders to thieving politicians to crook Ayatollahs are busy looting, burning and destroying their own country at the expense of young Iraqi children. Youssif and children like him will have to continue to suffer in silence with their faces melted down or their limps cut off.

One of the most shameful things about this war is that many politicians and states have collaborated in destroying Iraq and its people, non is interested in helping the Iraqi citizens children and adults alike.

As for Youssif, he will now have another chance to show his innocent smile once more away from the Hell-zone.

But in the clutch of circumstance, in the sinking depths of man, and in the foggy thicket of war, we became a beast of nature and forgot our humanity.

Youssif's melted face descended upon us to ask us; what have we done to his beautiful face? But we have no answer to give him; we are too ashamed to even look him in the eye.


Anonymous said...

how do we send cards to Youssif? anyone know? I would love to send this little boy a card

bambi said...

theres a reason why they did this to that boy!
we r all guilty
i know im only 15 but i to have a voice!
my names amanda
and i hate the war
isnt this country supose to have peace?
i dont c it n e where
what if it was ur child?
every day
thousands of people and kids get killed
what if it was ur parents?
people r o stupid for fighting
and now look we have so many gangs!!!
so besides the war
we have battlees of our own
everyones turning on everyone else!!!!
so think about what u r doing
its not free
its helll

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda,
Do you know what the country of Iraq is like? Do you know how inhumane some of the tyrants are there. This poor boy suffers by the people who live there. I pray to god that this boy suffers no more and gets all the help him and his family needs. And I thank god for our troops going there to help bring these tyrants down. I seen the special on the news and I started crying, I just wanted to wrap my arms around the whole family and give them my heartfelt sympathy, love, and encouragement. When I seen him playing in the ocean it reminded me of my own son. I pray that wherever they are that god is watching over all of them.