Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus and the hypocritical media

Don Imus racist remarks where he called Rutgers women basketball players "napp-headed hoes" has perhaps changed the way main stream American media deal with vulgarity and racism on the air waves. Sponsors of his show have pulled out their adds and his media outlets at NBC and CBS dropped him from thier lineup thus punishing him further for his racist and sexist remarks .

I agree with the argument that Imus remarks were sexist and racist and he ought to be disciplined for it. It is important to send a message to other public figures that racism is not tolerated.

Imus, however, did not invent those ugly remarks; he basically took them straight out of Rappers book.

We know that rappers and hiphoppers use even filthier language than Imus and it seems that a lot of people are cheering for this type of so called “ Art”

Why is it ok for Imus to be punished, and rightly, for his remarks, while Rappers go on to say things that are even worst than what Imus said? Where are the community and civic leaders when it comes to this kind of culture of violence.

Not only that, many of the lyrics of this form of music glorifies murder, encourages shooting police officers, shooting other rappers, encourage the use of drugs and open sexuality and with it comes sexually transmitted diseases.

How many times have you seen a “Rapper” present himself or herself as a positive role model for younger people or anyone? Never!

In fact, the only time I see them in the news is when they are being accused of rape, assault, drugs charges, murder, or being murdered. Yet we call them “ Artists” as if what they do is some kind of Art that lift the human spirit and represent the high or even decent form of culture and civilized expression. Do young women get motivated to go to college, or flock to the voting booth after they attend some concert of a hoodlum calling them “ hoes” among many other things.

And what about Arab Americans and Muslims being degraded, and humiliated almost everyday on the airwaves by some “ main stream” radio and TV hosts.

Almost no one flinch when some talk show host degrade Arab Americans and utter racist remarks belittling them at every corner.

Despite the protestations of many Arab and Muslim American organizations against hosts like Michael medvid and others who made a career out of it, it seems that anti-Arab racism is being tolerated by the news media and in some instances it has become a common currency.

Racism and bigotry should not be tolerated against any racial or ethnic group. The media should not punish certain people for things they say against one group, while they tolerate bigotry and racism against another.

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