Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hip-Hop in Jordan

The pan Arab daily Al-Hayat reported back in late January “ Hip Hop to encourage Jordanian-European exchange”

The small item news said that the European Union is financing a dance workshop of 15 young men and women to better the skills of hip hop dancing in Jordan.

Those who are in charge of this workshop said that the hip-hop workshop is not about just dancing, but it’s more about encouraging cultural dialogue between civilizations.

You might want to call me an old school, but I really don’t understand how hip-hop dancing would encourage the so-called “ dialogue of civilizations”

Hip-Hop, though an almost mainstream art form in America and Europe, however it is still unaccepted by the majority of the societies in the western world for the culture of drugs, sex, and violence it brings. So why should it be accepted in such traditional societies such the one in Jordan, where society ills such drugs, and violence are at the very minimum. And for sure Jordan does not need such problems.

And if you think hip-hop is getting more popular, you are wrong. Recent surveys published by the American press shows that hip-hop is losing popularity among African American community; the community were hip-hop music is more popular.

Rap music glorifies violence,degrades women,incites murder,spreads drugs, and public sexuality, and it has made a significant impact at increasing the levels of crime, and violence and drug culture among the African American community, such problems are part of the reasons for the economical, educational and health disparities between African Americans and other segments of American societies.

Mohammad Badr, one of the participants in the workshop said “ it is a rare opportunity in Jordan, I have been hip-hop dancing with a group of 11 dancers for over four years, but we lack enough support to develop our talents”

I am not sure what Mohammad meant of “ enough support” to develop his talents, and where this support should come from. But thanks to the EU, hiphoppers and rappers got themselves some training so they can go out there and conquer the world! Give me a break!

Of all the problems the Arab world has, from high illiteracy rates, 40 and 60 percent in some areas, to reading habits to economic developments, the EU chose something Americans are dumping in their trashcan then repackaged it Jordan as “ dialogue of civilizations” Are you kidding me!

Maybe someone ought to question the wisdom of choosing Jordan as garbage dump for someone else’s trash.


Anonymous said...

hey hip hop is fun and one of the only dances that guys like to do and i just so happen to be in hip hop and its loads of fun to do and i think more people should do it plus the reason hip hop was invented was to stop gang violence by gangs having a dance off in stead of shooting each other you may not like it but i know lots of people that do.

Anonymous said...

this proves that hip hop lives.am glad to hear this,am in Tanzania

google LKM02 to find me

Anonymous said...

............hip-hop 4 a life yooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!